Schedule of Events 

Sunday, December 4th, 2016 | DAY 0

Starts at 2pm PST // (5pm EST)

Live Kickoff Hangout With Host Eric Van Der Hope

Eric Van Der Hope, the host of The Publishing Success Summit, kicks off the largest Book Publishing event online with a big bang! There could even be a few surprises up his sleeve, so don’t miss Eric's LIVE opening kickoff party!

Monday, December 5th, 2016 | DAY 1

Starts at 9am PST

Nina Amir - 9 Time Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Blogger & Speaker

  • Developing a book pitch – and know why you need one (even before you begin writing).
  • How defining a book’s benefits and features is so important.
  • How to angle a topic to target your audience in order to create your book.

Starts at 11am PST

Tom Antion - Author, Public Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert & Consumer Advocate

  • How to use Kindle eBooks to make money and promote products or services.
  • Tom's "anti establishment" views of how he's clawed his way to the top and how you can too.
  • How authors can use Kindle books to make money & use them to promote their products or services.

Starts at 1pm PST

Blake Atwood - Ghostwriter, Editor & Author

  • What are some of the reasons for using a good Copyeditor.
  • When a Copyeditor is needed/required.
  • Where qualified editors can be found (which are critical to the success of a published book).

Starts at 3pm PST

Beth Barany - Award-winning novelist (Young Adult Fantasy & Romance) and book coach

  • Where writers can start when planning their novels.
  • How to create a plot that sustains a complete novel.
  • How authors can keep track of where everything is written: notebooks, computer, post its, 3x5 cards, etc.

Starts at 5pm PST

Sandra Beckwith - Author & National Award-winning former publicist

  • Publicity & advertising are used interchangeably, but aren't the same - the differences will be explained.
  • How successful authors can use publicity to help build their author platform.
  • How authors can position themselves as experts in order to be recognized by reporters & producers.

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 | DAY 2

Starts at 9am PST

Jennifer Blanchard - Author, Writing Coach

  • The importance of an author message and why you need one.
  • How to create content that your target readers are interested in.
  • Why mindset is so important to being a successful author.

Starts at 11am PST

Dan Blank - Founder, WeGrowMedia

  • How communication and trust defines what platform is for authors.
  • The 3 things that work together to allow "platform" to be the gateway for authors.
  • The reasons why so many writers resist the idea of author platform.

Starts at 1pm PST

Dr. Judith Briles - Author & Book Publishing Expert, Book Shepherd

  • How authors can choose between Traditional, Hybrid, Self, Indie, Paid-to-Publishing.
  • Speaking of publishing predators: Who & What are they and why YOU should avoid them.
  • What authors can do from getting overwhelmed from the publishing process.

Starts at 3pm PST

Allison Bruning - Bestselling Historical Romance Author, Publisher

  • How to create a plot that sustains a complete novel.
  • How to keep track of where you write everything: notebooks, computer, post its, 3x5 cards, etc.
  • How to make a character authentic when you haven't experienced what the character's going through.

Starts at 5pm PST

Jeff Bullas - Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

  • How to write and develop content that your readers will love and want to share.
  • The importance of engaging with your fans.
  • How authors can find their audience on social networks & how author's audiences can find them.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 | DAY 3

Starts at 9am PST

Roberto Candelaria - Business Strategist, Consultant, & Speaker

  • What a sponsorship is & what can actually get sponsored.
  • How authors can use other people's money to write and publish their book.
  • What initial steps are needed to get started with getting sponsored.

Starts at 11am PST

Chadwick Cannon - Founder and CEO of Chadwick Cannon Agency

  • Some common book marketing misconceptions.
  • 4-part checklist for writing strong back cover copy.
  • Tips on getting book endorsements and using them effectively.

Starts at 1pm PST

Lise Cartwright - Writer, Best Selling Author & Coach

  • The difference between formatting Createspace books vs. Kindle books.
  • Mistakes authors make when trying to format Kindle books.
  • The importance of the book description, keyword & category identification when it comes to selling more books.

Starts at 3pm PST

Stephanie Chandler - CEO, Author, Speaker

  • 4 key questions that authors need to ask themselves & why before they write their book.
  • The significance of creating a marketing plan.
  • Certain aspects of the publishing process that shouldn't be skipped out on.

Starts at 5pm PST

David Chesson - Jedi to Amazon Search Rankings, Bestselling Author & Chief Kindlepreneur

  • The typical problems that many authors experience (and no, it's not writing).
  • How authors can maintain sales weeks after the launch of their books.
  • What do you blog about and how often should you do it.

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 | DAY 4

Starts at 9am PST

Karol Clark - RN., Medical Publisher, Editor & 2-time #1 Bestselling Author

  • The primary reasons why many people want to write a book but never succeed.
  • How authors can determine the purpose of their writing & find their ideal audience.
  • Four Steps to Taking the Overwhelm Out of Becoming a Successful Bestselling Author.

Starts at 11am PST

Mark Coker - Founder of Smashwords

  • Most important things a writer can do to reach more readers.
  • What distinguishes the bestsellers from the poor sellers.
  • The story behind Smashwords.

Starts at 1pm PST

Sue Collier - Content Writer, Blogger, Social Media Strategist at Market-Write

  • The reasons why authors need editors - period!
  • When it's time to turn over a manuscript to an editor.
  • What to consider when looking for an editor.

Starts at 3pm PST

Amy Collins - Book Publishing Sales & Distribution Expert & Owner of New Shelves Books

  • What the bookstores are REALLY looking for in a book today.
  • The biggest changes in book sales and distribution throughout the world in the last 5 years.
  • What bookstores base their decisions on when it comes to putting books on their shelves.

Starts at 5pm PST

Robin Colucci - Book Development & Writing Coach

  • How authors can find good agents.
  • What you should do if you are fortunate enough to receive feedback or suggestions from an agent.
  • Agents are more likely to notice you if you have a book concept they can sell.

Friday, December 9th, 2016 | DAY 5

Starts at 9am PST

Honoree Corder - Chief Writer and Author, Professional Ass Kicker, Optimist

  • Recommendations for authors thinking about writing their first book.
  • The toughest part of writing & launching a book.
  • The type of opportunities become available as a result of becoming an author.

Starts at 11am PST

Susan Daffron - Book Author & President of Logical Expressions, Inc.

  • Knowing where to start before writing a book.
  • The potential pitfalls & common mistakes that self-published writers make over and over.
  • The importance of the back cover & the elements that should be included on it.

Starts at 1pm PST

Barrie Davenport - Confidence Coach, Author & Co-founder of Authority Pub Academy

  • The reasons that bloggers don't want to write a book.
  • Why self-published authors need to start a blog.
  • Why it's so important that authors start blogging before they publish a book.

Starts at 3pm PST

Michele DeFilippo - Indie Book Publishing Mentor, Owner of 1106Design

  • The "look" of a book cover is determined as a result of asking the critical questions.
  • The two things that book covers sell.
  • How a good book cover will tell a potential buyer what the book is about.

Starts at 5pm PST

Derek Doepker - Fitness Blogger, Author, & Co-Founder of

  • Many authors worry too much about perfection.
  • Why authors should make the effort to see the Big Picture (before they start)
  • The importance of authors knowing who their target market/audience is

Saturday, December 10th, 2016 | DAY 6

Starts at 9am PST

Mal Duane - Inspirational Speaker and Author of Award Winning Alpha Chick

  • The most common mistakes that new authors make.
  • The critical elements that contribute towards creating your bestseller.
  • Marketing can be a overwhelming process, The following strategies can work if used consistently.

Starts at 11am PST

Jill E. Fagan - Bestselling Author and International Speaker, President at Silver Torch Press

  • The importance of why authors should be clear on their reasons for publishing a book & why.
  • How editing a book could make or break your reputation.
  • What writers and/or authors can do to make sure their book is the best it can be.

Starts at 1pm PST

Joel Friedlander - Award-winning Book Designer, Blogger and Writer

  • How building & growing a community (based on engagement) plays a part in the publishing process.
  • The Golden-Age of self-publishing & what contributed to leveling the playing field.
  • It's become easier to publish in this day and age as a result of new tools & access to professionals.

Starts at 3pm PST

Susan Friedmann - Niche Marketing Expert, Speaker, Coach & Bestselling Author

  • The 5 biggest mistakes authors make and how to avoid them.
  • Knowing your target audience is so important to building an author platform & selling more books.
  • The significance of building/creating a marketing plan.

Starts at 5pm PST

Rick Frishman - Book Publisher, Book PR, Book & Media Strategist

  • Building an author platform is critical whether deciding to publish traditionally or self/indie publish.
  • What a publisher is looking for when reviewing a book proposal.
  • The importance of choosing a domain name that matches the title of the book.

Sunday, December 11th, 2016 | DAY 7

Starts at 9am PST

Kimberley Grabas - Platform Mentor, Canadian Writer & Entrepreneur

  • How authors can Build a platform even if they don't have a book yet to promote.
  • How authors can find their ideal readers.
  • Why knowing your target audience is so essential to building an author platform & selling more books.

Starts at 11am PST

Connie Ragen Green - Online Marketing Strategist, Author & Business Mentor

  • How do you decide what to write first?
  • Niche vs. passion - which one really sells better?
  • How do you create that perfect title?

Starts at 1pm PST

David Hancock - Founder of Morgan James Publishing, Entrepreneur & Author

  • The advantages and disadvantages of different publishing models.
  • How authors can leverage their book to grow their audience/market, message and income.
  • How Morgan James Publishing has revolutionized the book publishing from the author's standpoint.

Starts at 3pm PST

Heather Hart - Christian, Wife, Mother & Author

  • How authors can choose which publishing model is right for their book.
  • How to choose between online & offline marketing to reach an audience.
  • How to re-purpose a book into marketing material.

Starts at 5pm PST

Shelley Hitz - Author Coach, Self-Publishing Expert, Book Marketing Strategist

  • A specific process on how authors can brainstorm who their audience is.
  • Why knowing your target audience is so important to building an author platform & selling lots of books.
  • Specific tools that authors can use to RESEARCH their target audience.

Monday, December 12th, 2016 | DAY 8

Starts at 9am PST

Kevin T. Johns - Author, Writing Coach & Ghostwriter

  • The best ways for someone to find time in their schedule to get their writing done.
  • Tools that writers can use to help get their writing done more efficiently.
  • Discussion on what "non-negotiable writing time" is.

Starts at 11am PST

Kristen Joy Laidig - Author, Speaker,

  • The difference between being an authorpreneur vs. just an "author" as a hobby?
  • How to choose which publishing model is right for your book.
  • How do you create that perfect title?

Starts at 1pm PST

Brian Jud - Author, Publisher, Book Marketing Expert

  • How authors can easily identify & contact the best buyers for their books.
  • The benefits of selling to non-traditional, non-retail segments.
  • The type of books that sell best in Airport Stores, Supermarkets & Gift Shops.

Starts at 3pm PST

Carla King - Adventure Travel Writer & Self-Publishing Expert

  • The importance of using correct BISAC Codes and Amazon Categories for your book.
  • How authors should get their books distributed.
  • How stores can tell authors are self-published and if that's a good or bad thing.

Starts at 5pm PST

Lynne Klippel - Publisher & Book Coach

  • How authors can use Non-fiction books to build a business.
  • How to maintain book sales weeks after the launch.
  • The good and bad if you decide to bootstrap your publishing process.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 | DAY 9

Starts at 9am PST

Tom Corson Knowles - CEO at TCK Publishing, Kindle Publisher, Author & Speaker

  • How the publishing industry changed since the Amazon Kindle was released.
  • The 3 principles to creating massive valuable content for your audience.
  • Thoughts on "New Strategies For a New Age" based on the book: "Secrets of the Six Figure Author"

To Be Determined PST

Mike Koenigs - Host of "The Mike Koenigs Show", Angel Investor, 10x #1 Bestselling Author

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  • Placeholder for future show notes.

Starts at 1pm PST

John Kremer - Publisher, Book Marketing Expert, Bestselling Author

  • Why growing an audience before publishing is so important for the success of an author's book.
  • What authors can do right now to start building their audience.
  • Why it's so important to know who you are writing the book for before you even start writing it.

Starts at 3pm PST

Tony Laidig - Photographer, Speaker, Publisher & Business Coach

  • Excuses authors make when it comes to poor book design.
  • What authors need to consider if they do their own book design.
  • What your book cover SAYS about your message, your brand & your reputation.

Starts at 5pm PST

Elizabeth Lawless - Creativity Coach, Content Creator, Book Catalyst, Publisher

  • Some of the biggest mistakes new authors make and what you can do to prevent them.
  • Understanding how to choose from a variety of different publishing options.
  • Why marketing CAN'T be ignored by writers.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 | DAY 10

Starts at 9am PST

Shawn Manaher - Author, Founder at Book Marketing Tools & The ContentAuthority

  • The questions authors need to ask &answer in order to narrow in on their audience.
  • The importance of not waiting for your book to be published to grow and nurture your audience.
  • Why engagement is so critical to an author's success.

Starts at 11am PST

Ken McArthur - Best-Selling Author, Event and Film Producer & Creator of Impact

  • What an author message is and why it's needed to make an impact on other people.
  • How to get noticed in a world that doesn’t want to listen to you.
  • Factors that can contribute to making a real difference in peoples’ lives.

Starts at 1pm PST

Ann McIndoo - Author, Speaker, CEO/Founder, So You Want to Write!

  • What some of the reasons are for becoming an author.
  • What authors should be doing before picking up a "pen".
  • The steps to getting started writing a book.

Starts at 3pm PST

Marnie Marcus - Bestselling Author, Book Coach, Info Product Creator, #LightTheWorld

  • How authors can overcome sabotaging beliefs.
  • Some of the advantages and disadvantages of creating anthologies & whether they are good/bad.
  • What a tribe can do for authors.

Starts at 5pm PST

Mark L. Messick - 16 year-old internationally bestselling author of 11 books

  • How Mark was able to publish so many books.
  • What distinguishes an amateur author vs. a professional author.
  • A simple 2-step formula to creating bestselling books.

Thursday, December 15th, 2016 | DAY 11

Starts at 9am PST

Derek Murphy - Founder of Creativindie, Book Designer, YA Author, Digital Nomad

  • How book covers sell books.
  • Bestselling design element suggestions.
  • How to get blurbs from influencers without begging.

Starts at 11am PST

David Newman - #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker & Thought-Leadership Marketer

  • Ways authors can start building their audience immediately and see the results.
  • How authors can get started narrowing in on their target audience before writing their book.
  • Why knowing our target audience is so important to building an author platform and selling more books.

Starts at 1pm PST

Grael Norton - Director of Marketing at Wheatmark

  • What a List is and what authors can do NOW to start building their list.
  • The significance of building/creating a marketing plan.
  • Strategies on building an audience and getting results immediately.

Starts at 3pm PST

Terry Whalin - Acquisitions Editor at Moran James Publishing, Former Literary Agent, Bestselling Author

  • What a book proposal is and why they are important.
  • Whether you decide to Self/Indie Publish or not, it's just as important to create a book proposal.
  • The 7 most important elements that make up a book proposal.

Starts at 5pm PST

Chris O'Byrne - Founder of JETLAUNCH

  • What KDP Select is and why an author should consider using it.
  • Why so many ebooks created by big publishers actually look bad.
  • The reason for choosing self-publishing over traditional publishing.

Friday, December 16th, 2016 | DAY 12

Starts at 9am PST

Jason Oman - #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker & Trainer

  • How to create content that your target readers are interested in.
  • The planning process for searching out and getting endorsements from influencers.
  • Why it's so important to start growing an audience before your are published.

Starts at 11am PST

Susan Ordona - Speaker, Social Media Marketer, 2-time #1 International Bestselling Author

  • What makes a title and subtitle memorable.
  • The importance of having an Amazon Author Page and how to optimize it.
  • What mini-sites are & why authors need one.

Starts at 1pm PST

Marcos Orozco - Bestselling Author, Hentepreneur & Founder of Book Launch Academy

  • Knowing what "printers" to use for publishing your book.
  • The importance of hiring service professionals for cover design, typesetting & editing.
  • Some of the mistakes authors tend to make consistently.

Starts at 3pm PST

Bret Ridgway - Co-founder of "Ship Your Books", Bestselling Author, Speaker

  • Writing a book for the wrong reason (what's your end game?)
  • Why it's necessary that your book is consumable.
  • Why it's necessary to start list building way before your book comes out.

Starts at 5pm PST

Ted Roach - Founder of the Aspiring Authors, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur/Investor

  • Effective methods that authors could use to establish their brand.
  • What methods can authors implement to establish their Brand, but first, why a brand?
  • The reasons for creating author profiles to help marketing.

Saturday, December 17th, 2016 | DAY 13

Starts at 9am PST

Amanda Rooker - Internationally Bestselling Ghostwriter, Book Editor, Founder of SplitSeed

  • The importance of using a copy editor for your book.
  • What the levels of editing are & what's needed.
  • Where authors can find qualified copy editors.

Starts at 11am PST

Alinka Rutkowska - Award Winning Children's Author, International Bestselling Author

  • Discussed the 4 P's that authors need to consider before publishing their books.
  • What changes when authors start thinking about their book as a product.
  • How to make the book marketing process fun.

Starts at 1pm PST

Penny Sansevieri - Bestselling Author, Founder and CEO Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

  • The importance of knowing who your target audience is.
  • How it's critical to building an author platform so you can sell a ton of books.
  • The advantages of deciding to Indie Publish.

Starts at 3pm PST

Claudia Svartefoss - Bestselling Author, Bestseller to Business Success Coach

  • How the mindset helps with creating beliefs that support goals of authors when selling their books.
  • Discussed the options of how authors can self-publish on Kindle and Createspace.
  • Ways an author can transform their book into a Marketing Machine that will continually make money.

To Be Determined PST

David Meerman Scott - International Bestselling Author, Sales & Marketing Strategist

  • To Be Determined.
  • To Be Determined.
  • To  Be Determined.

Sunday, December 18th, 2016 | DAY 14

Starts at 9am PST

Steve Scott - Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Blogger, Podcaster

  • Effective long-term strategies for increasing book sales.
  • "3 Golden Rules of Kindle Publishing".
  • Building your list: deciding what to send your subscribers once they're on your list.

Starts at 11am PST

Lynn Serafinn - Bestselling Author, Certified Speaker, Award-winning coach

  • Building a platform & growing an audience should begin prior to publishing.
  • Knowing who your target audience is essential to building an author platform and selling more books.
  • Ways writers/authors can immediately start building their audience and see results..

Starts at 1pm PST

Felicia Slattery - #1 Bestselling Author of "Kill the Elevator Speech" & Public Speaker

  • The importance of Authors establishing a social media presence.
  • Reasons why self-published authors need to use social media effectively.
  • The meaning behind describing writing as the yin to the yan of speaking.

Starts at 3pm PST

Leia Stone - USA TODAY Bestselling author

  • The deciding factor to choosing Indie Publishing vs. traditional.
  • Awareness of parts of the publishing process being easier/harder.
  • What some of the biggest mistakes that are made by first-time authors.

Starts at 5pm PST

Lisa Tener - Bestselling Author, Book Writing Coach, Speaker

  • A 5-steps for writing & completing your book.
  • When it's best to decide to self-publish vs. looking for a traditional publisher.
  • Instances that it's not necessary to have a book completely written before finding a publisher.

Monday, December 19th, 2016 | DAY 15

Starts at 9am PST

Emma Tiebens - Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Brand Marketing Strategist

  • How your book can position you as a trusted authority.
  • Marketing can be overwhelming, these tips & strategies work consistently.
  • Advice for the authors who would like to write but don't know where to start.

Starts at 11am PST

Rachel Thompson - Award-winning Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist

  • The impact that an author platform has on book sales.
  • What a Media Kit is and why authors need one.
  • The difference between a Beta-reader and an ARC reader.

Starts at 1pm PST

Heather Townsend - Award-winning author, Speaker & Coach

  • The typical mistakes that business book authors are writing.
  • How to make sure that your book helps people buy from you.
  • How do you make sure that your book translates into new clients.

Starts at 3pm PST

Ellen Violette - 6-time #1 Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist & Business Coach

  • Reasons you should be writing a book.
  • Effective ways on getting your book marketing started.
  • Tips on building a bestselling campaign & how to maximize profits.

Starts at 5pm PST

Brooke Warner - Author, Publisher of She Writes Press & Writing Coach at Warner Coaching

  • Why distribution a game-changer, who the distributor is, an overview & the chain of command.
  • Who the Wholesaler is and what their function is.
  • The importance of metadata and how it impacts book distribution and discoverability.

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 | DAY 16

Starts at 9am PST

Chris Well - 30 year Media Veteran, Magazine Editor, Columnist, Journalist, Broadcaster

  • Why publicity is so important for authors.
  • The pros and cons of hiring a publicist.
  • Different types of publicity, free or paid & how it can work for any type of author.

Starts at 11am PST

Kary Oberbrunner - Bestselling Author, Coach & Speaker, Igniter to all

  • What an author platform is and why it's so important that authors establish theirs.
  • The steps that can be taken right now to build an effective author platform.
  • What steps are needed to connect with ‘influencers’ in your target market/genre.

Starts at 1pm PST

Dawniel Winningham - Wealth Building Expert, Founder Wealthy Sisters NTWK, Award Winning Coach, Former Fortune 10 VP

  • The importance of having a platform before you publish.
  • How authors can get people engaged in their book idea before,during and after their launch using social media.

Starts at 3pm PST

Jane Tabachnick - Bestselling Author, Digital Media & Book Publishing Expert & Speaker

  • What the biggest PR challenges authors experience: know how, time & money.
  • Reasons for hiring an expensive PR firm or doing it yourself, or taking the middle.
  • Some of the common mistakes authors make doing PR.

Starts at 5pm PST

Randy Peyser - Expert Book Editor & Book Coach, CEO of

  • The quickest way to get an agent or publisher to stop in their tracks.
  • The one thing to absolutely not do if you are serious about getting a publishing contract.
  • The 3 things you absolutely must do to make your book stand out.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 | DAY 17

Starts at 9am PST

Francesca Minerva - CEO and founder of F A L Enterprises & Changing Lives Press

  • The importance of having an author platform (ultimately contributes to the success of a book).
  • The Publishing industry is evolving & has become diverse.
  • To get recognized by publishers & agents, authors NEED to be willing to self-promote & have a platform.

Starts at 11am PST

Simon Bogdanowicz - Co-Founder of LaunchTeam

  • How the term & understanding of what an author platform has evolved over the last 15 years.
  • Why there isn't a specific blueprint or guide for authors to follow when building their platform.
  • How building a launch team can help grow your author platform.

Starts at 1pm PST

Jill Lublin - Bestselling Author, Publicity Strategist, Media Insider & International Speaker

  • Jill's "secret sauce" formula for creating a great media script.
  • What an expert really is.
  • Effective resources that can be used to help leverage your PR.

Starts at 3pm PST

Alex Newton - CEO & Founder of

  • The one big mistake authors make in their book projects and how to avoid it.
  • How Amazon is the best resource for choosing your next publishing project.
  • Current perspective on high-selling book market niches and how to find them.

Starts at 5pm PST

Paul Brodie - 7 Time Bestselling Author, Book Publishing Coach and Motivational Speaker

  • How to launch your books and platform while working full time.
  • How to maximize your revenue streams for each book launch.
  • How to utilize your position as an authority for book coaching and motivational speaking.

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 | DAY 18

Starts at 9am PST

Jesse Tevelow - 2x Bestselling Author, Co-founder of LaunchTeam

  • The reasons for writing "The Connection Algorithm". The story behind the story and what the takeaway was from that experience..
  • Getting clear on the big picture before getting started.
  • The type of marketing strategies that can be used with the book itself.

Starts at 11am PST

Carol Abrahamson - Author, Business Book Coach, Expert, Consultant & Coach

  • The special needs of authors using a book to build their business and brand.
  • The steps necessary for defining the growth goals of a business-building book.
  • How to get the attention – and admiration – of influencers & decision makers while getting past the gatekeepers..

Conclusion of the Largest Book Publishing Summit of it's kind!

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