86 Book Industry Experts comprised of Published Authors, Platform Mentors, Designers, Editors, Literary Agents & Publishers, Reveal How To Build a Solid Foundation on which to Publish a Bestselling Book

Normally $597 (VALUE $997.00) - so grab the LIFETIME ACCESS PASS now before it increases!

Here’s A Glimpse at What You'll Discover When You Claim Your All-Access Pass to The Publishing Success Summit ...

You'll get the opportunity to learn from Top Book Industry Experts made up of International & National Bestselling authors, platform mentors, ghost writers, designers, editors, literary agents & publishers.

Many writers, want-to-be authors, first-time authors and even published authors do not understand the publishing process thoroughly and as a result they are bound to not enjoy & experience book publishing success!

It's my goal for this event to help provide you with a solid foundation on the fundamentals of publishing a book. As a result you'll be able to publish successfully & effectively paving the way for you to share your message around the world and as a result make an impact on other people's lives!

This Online Event Will Focus on 6 Major Aspects of the Publishing Process:


Planning before you start in order to save time, money and frustration


Building an author platform is essential to being heard 

Cover/Interior Layout 

Your book will be "judged" by the exterior cover (including the interior)

Copy Edit/Proofing

A book filled with mistakes will ruin the credibility of your work


Knowing your distribution options increases your sales potential


Print books on demand, while book remains in-stock without inventory

The Daily Summit Schedule . . . 

Sunday, December 4th, 2016 | DAY 0

Starts at 2pm PST // (5pm EST)

Live Kickoff Hangout With Host Eric Van Der Hope

Eric Van Der Hope, the host of The Publishing Success Summit, kicks off the largest Book Publishing event online with a big bang! There could even be a few surprises up his sleeve, so don’t miss Eric's LIVE opening kickoff party!

Monday, December 5th, 2016 | DAY 1

Starts at 9am PST

Nina Amir - 9 Time Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Blogger & Speaker

  • Developing a book pitch – and know why you need one (even before you begin writing).
  • How defining a book’s benefits and features is so important.
  • How to angle a topic to target your audience in order to create your book.

Starts at 11am PST

Tom Antion - Author, Public Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert & Consumer Advocate

  • How to use Kindle eBooks to make money and promote products or services.
  • Tom's "anti establishment" views of how he's clawed his way to the top and how you can too.
  • How authors can use Kindle books to make money & use them to promote their products or services.

Starts at 1pm PST

Blake Atwood - Ghostwriter, Editor & Author

  • What are some of the reasons for using a good Copyeditor.
  • When a Copyeditor is needed/required.
  • Where qualified editors can be found (which are critical to the success of a published book).

Starts at 3pm PST

Beth Barany - Award-winning novelist (Young Adult Fantasy & Romance) and book coach

  • Where writers can start when planning their novels.
  • How to create a plot that sustains a complete novel.
  • How authors can keep track of where everything is written: notebooks, computer, post its, 3x5 cards, etc.

Starts at 5pm PST

Sandra Beckwith - Author & National Award-winning former publicist

  • Publicity & advertising are used interchangeably, but aren't the same - the differences will be explained.
  • How successful authors can use publicity to help build their author platform.
  • How authors can position themselves as experts in order to be recognized by reporters & producers.

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Here are the Publishing Success Summit Speakers…

By the time you finish watching the 1st 5 speakers, you'll learn hours & hours worth of publishing do's and don't's which will help you make an informed decision on how to approach your publishing goals.

You'll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge this panel of 86 book industry experts has: as a combined group, they have published thousands of books which has resulted in millions of copies getting sold across the globe. There aren't any other people more qualified to teach the "in's & out's" of the publishing world than these incredible individuals - they actually "Walk the Talk"!

They will share with you how YOU can build a solid foundation on which to publish a professional book, not only that, but a bestselling book if you are willing to put the time & effort into it.

Nina Amir

Tom Antion

Blake Atwood

Beth Barany

Sandra Beckwith

Jennifer Blanchard

Dan Blank

Dr. Judith Briles

Allison Bruning

Jeff Bullas

Roberto Candelaria

Chadwick Cannon

Lisa Cartwright

Stephanie Chandler

David Chesson

Karol Clark

Mark Coker

Sue Collier

Amy Collins

Robin Colucci

Honoree Corder

Susan Daffron

Barrie Davenport

Michele DeFilippo

Derek Doepker

Mal Duane

Jill E. Fagan

Joel Friedlander

Susan Friedmann

Rick Frishman

Kimberley Grabas

Connie Ragen Green

David Hancock

Heather Hart

Shelley Hitz

Kevin T. Johns

Kristen Joy Laidig

Brian Jud

Carla King

Lynne Klippel

Tom Corson Knowles

Mike Koenigs (TBD)

John Kremer

Tony Laidig

Elizabeth Lawless

Shawn Manaher

Ken McArthur

Ann McIndoo

Marnie Marcus

Mark L. Messick

Derek Murphy

David Newman

Grael Norton

Kary Oberbrunner

Chris O'Byrne

Jason Oman

Susan Ordona

Marcos Orozco

Bret Ridgway

Ted Roach

Amanda Rooker

Alinka Rutkowska

Penny Sansevieri

Claudia Svartefoss

David Meerman Scott

Steve Scott

Lynn Serafinn

Felicia Slattery

Leia Stone

Lisa Tener

Emma Tiebens

Rachel Thompson

Heather Townsend

Ellen Violette

Brooke Warner

Chris Well

Simon Bogdanowicz

Terry Whalin

Dawniel Winningham

Jesse Tevelow

Jane Tabachnick

Randy Peyser

Francesca Minerva

Jill Lublin

Alex Newton

Paul Brodie

Carol Abrahamson

Get Access to 86 Book Industry Experts comprised of Published Authors, Platform Mentors, Designers, Editors, Literary Agents & Publishers, as they Share How To Build a Solid Foundation on which to Publish a Professional Book.

Normally $597 (Value $997.00) - so grab the LIFETIME ACCESS before it increases!  

What makes this Summit Unique?

No Travel Required: Since this event is being held entirely online, you'll be able to access the interview videos via desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other web-enabled mobile device & you'll be able to watch at home, on the train, or where ever else - it's entirely up to you! Just think, you don't have to worry about purchasing an airline ticket (or travel by car) or even book a hotel. Think of what the typical 3-day event could cost you...! You could easily save yourself from spending thousands of dollars & time away from your family.

Flexible schedule: The speaker presentations will be available online at your own convenience. Every single presentation will be available for up to 3 days (for a limited time frame in November 2016). However, if you decide to purchase the upgrade (the All-Access Pass), you’ll get access to all the interviews and bonus material forever.

Quality Training: There are lots of so-called professionals available today. How do you know which person to listen to? Well ... I've personally hand-picked a once in a lifetime group of speakers and brought them all together under one "virtual" roof. Each of these Book Industry Experts have all had a part in building professional books, sold millions of copies and taken many of them to bestseller on the New York Times, USA Today and Amazon bestseller lists..

Why you should attend this summit:

1. Learn Directly From the Experts: The speakers that are part of this event are at the top of their game. They are THE top experts in the book publishing industry, and most importantly, they teach from experience, not from theory! This group as a whole have published thousands of books resulting in millions of copies getting sold across the globe. There aren't any other people more qualified to teach than these incredible individuals.

2. The Biggest Book Publishing Event Online: If you are interested in authoring a book, or perhaps you've published before but searching for professional advice on how to create a professional looking book & sell tons of copies, this online event will be perfect for you. There has been no other event like this online, where over 65 Book Industry Experts have come together under one "virtual" roof!

3. Watch at Your Convenience & from the Comfort of Your Own Home: No flying, no travel, no expensive plane tickets, no hotels & no pitching from every speaker. You'll have access to presentations online for your convenience. I'll be interviewing specialists from the major areas in the Publishing process. This will help you find clarity so that you can choose your own path towards publishing success.If you decide to purchase our ALL-Access Pass, everything including all the video interviews, audio and other bonus material will be available forever.

Get Access to 86 Book Industry Experts comprised of Published Authors, Platform Mentors, Designers, Editors, Literary Agents & Publishers, as they Share How To Build a Solid Foundation on which to Publish a Professional Book.

Normally $597 (Value $997.00) - so grab the LIFETIME ACCESS before it increases!  

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your All-Access Pass to the Publishing Success Summit comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days. Guaranteed.

​You can lock in your All-Access Pass at the lowest admission price when you try it risk-free now.

You'll learn directly from the best, people who've seen all the obstacles — to shorten your learning curve and avoid dead-ends.

Remember, you MUST love the Success Summit and think it's one of the best events you've been to — or I'll happily give you a full and complete refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event a good fit for me?
This event is a perfect fit for you if you find yourself in one of the following categories:

- The Expert/Professional: 
If you are a Speaker, Coach, Small Business Owner,Consultant, Blogger or someone who knows that credibility is important in your business, you know that a book will help provide additional opportunities for your business as well as grow your income in many ways. By publishing a book you'll open a path to success down the road.

- The Writer:
You've written for years but you can't seem to get to that point of actually pulling the trigger and publishing your words. You have manuscripts written but they are gathering 'digital' dust because you are afraid of putting yourself out there. You don't feel you have the proper knowledge & you afraid of the complexities of the publishing process.

- The Self/Indie Publisher: 
You've already published a book (or 2 or 3), you've reached your limit of selling more books and have tried to create and build a business from it but have struggled do so & you've tried to create passive income. This event will help guide you to create a professional looking book and help you with growing your confidence.

Where is this event being held? 
Since this event is being held online, there is no physical venue that it's being held at, there will be no travel expenses, there will be no need to purchase plane tickets, there will be no need to schedule time off work to attend. You can view & listen to this event from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device that has access or connection to the internet.

I cannot attend all the sessions, so is there a way to get the recordings?
Absolutely, all the sessions will be available up to 3 days (72 hours) at which time they'll go into our password protected membership vault. You'll be able to watch/listen to the videos anytime at your convenience during that time-frame, or you can decide to purchase an All-Access Pass which will get you lifetime access to all the interviews/videos - forever.

How do I watch the sessions?
After you claim your FREE ticket, you will receive an email from me in your inbox every day of the event letting you know where to view the sessions. All you'll have to do is login and follow the simple how-to instructions provided. You will be able to access all the sessions available for the specified time-frame and be able to view them on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

About Your Publishing Success Summit Host

Eric V. Van Der Hope is a #1 International Bestselling Author, Ghost Publisher & Book Marketing Coach. He helps struggling content creators navigate the often-confusing publishing and book marketing process and shortens the time it takes to become a published author. More specifically, Eric helps writers, bloggers & authors find their tribe, build their platform, share their message & make a difference by transforming their message into a bestselling book. Hundreds of authors have benefited from his advice by publishing their own books successfully. 

Get Access to 86 Book Industry Experts comprised of Published Authors, Platform Mentors, Designers, Editors, Literary Agents & Publishers, as they Share How To Build a Solid Foundation on which to Publish a Professional Book.

Normally $597 (Value $997.00) - so grab the LIFETIME ACCESS before it increases!  

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